Ageratum- This annual is an easy-to-grow, old-fashioned favorite that produces a steady show of colorful powder-pufflike flowers from late spring through frost. Sun, Part Sun. 6-36 inches tall, depending on variety. 6-18 inches wide, depending on variety. Blue, lavender, white, or rose blooms, depending on variety. Blooms all summer and into fall.
Alyssum- Sweet alyssum, with its dainty, fragrant flowers, is often used in containers and hanging baskets to spill over the edges, creating a soft, frothy look. It's also a great edging plant because of its tidy, compact habit. Regardless of how you use it, sweet alyssum does best in spring and fall's cool conditions. Sun, Part Sun. To 8 inches tall, to 1 foot wide.
Bacopa- This plant has long, cascading stems that smother themselves in tiny, perfect, five-petal flowers. It's become a favorite for selling in hanging baskets where its pretty trailing habit can be shown off. Also try in pots, planters, and window boxes. Sun, part sun. 4-8 inches tall, 2-3 feet wide
Begonia- Annual begonia is about as easy as it gets. It does well in a variety of conditions, but to keep it its most luxuriant best, give it light shade; rich, well-drained soil; and ample water. It also loves plenty of fertilizer, so be generous. Sun, Part Sun, Shade. 6-18 inches tall, 6-12 inches wide.
Celosia- There are few flowers as showy as celosia. Whether you plant the plumed type, which produces striking upright spires, or the crested type, which has a fascinating twisted form, you'll love using celosia in bouquets. The flowers are beautiful fresh, but you can also dry them easily. And they bloom in all the colors of a glowing sunset. Sun. 1 to 4 feet tall. 6 to 18 inches wide.
Cleome. HEIRLOOM. Carefree, easy-to-grow plant adds drama to the back of the border. Also known as Spider flower, this plant will make the back of your border a focal point. Colors includes Helen Campbell (white), Rose Queen and Violet Queen. Airy 5-6" flower clusters on strong, sturdy stems. GARDEN HINTS: Grows best in full sun. Space 15-18" apart. Can be started indoors or outdoors.
Coleus. Create a spectacular display in your shade garden with coleus' colorful leaves. This easy-growing annual makes a great houseplant, too.
Dusty miller is grown for its spectacular silvery-white foliage and delicately divided leaves covered with a very soft, dense fuzz. Great for borders or in mass plantings.
Geranium- Geraniums have been a gardener's favorite for well over a century. The old-fashioned standard for beds, borders, and containers, geranium is still one of the most popular plants today. Sun. 2 feet tall by 2 feet high.
Impatiens- The old reliable for shade gardens when you want eye-popping color all season long. The plants bloom in just about every color except true blue and are well suited to growing in containers or in the ground. If you have a bright spot indoors, you may be able to grow impatiens all year as an indoor plant. Shade. 1-2 feet tall and wide. Beware of impatiens downy mildew. Google for detailed information.
Lobelia. The lobelia plant is an attractive annual herb with many varieties. Some of these even include biennial species. Lobelia is an easy-to-grow, carefree plant that enjoys cool weather. This summertime bloomer will continue to produce flowers on up through the first frost. Growing lobelia is an asset to the garden.
Marigolds- They do best in full sun with moist, well-drained soil and will flower all summer long. They may reseed, coming back year after year, in spots where they're happy. Sun. 8-12 inches tall, 6-8 inches wide.
Million Bells- Like a tiny petunia on steroids, calibrachoa (also called million bells) grows and flowers at an amazing rate. Often confused for a petunia, million bells makes a splash no matter where you put it in the garden. It is perfect for containers or hanging baskets but also can be tucked into the front of a border where it will spill out onto sidewalk or patio. Sun. 5-10 inches tall. 12-14 inches wide.
New Guinea Impatiens- These tropical plants really shine in containers, where they thrive in the perfect soil and drainage, but they also do well in the ground as long as you take the time to improve the soil and work in plenty of compost. Note that they're a bit more sun-tolerant than common impatiens. They are not impacted by Downy Mildew. Sun. 1-2 feet tall and wide.
Osteospermum adds instant cheer to spring and fall gardens with its colorful, daisy-shape flowers and dark green foliage. The blooms are wonderful for cutting and appear in a wide range of colors. In fact, it's such a striking plant that cut flowers sometimes look artificial! Sun, Part Sun. 1-3 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide.
Pansy-Pansies are  must-haves to celebrate the first days of spring since they don't mind cold weather and can even take a little snow and ice! They're pretty planted in masses in the ground, but also cherished for the early color they bring to pots, window boxes, and other containers. Sun, part sun. 4-9 inches tall. 4-12 inches wide.
Dusty Miller
Million Bells
New Guinea Impatien
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Petunia- Petunias are failproof favorites for gardeners everywhere. They are vigorous growers and prolific bloomers from midspring through late fall. Color choices are nearly limitless, with some sporting beautiful veining and intriguing colors. Many are fragrant. Sun, part sun. 6 inches to 4 feet tall, 1-4 feet wide, depending on variety.Salvia- "Annual" salvia is a tender tropical perennial that is typically grown as a warm weather annual bedding plant. It has long been a garden standard, reliably blooming over an extended period. Full sun. Grows 8 inches to three feet depending on variety.
Portulaca. Portulacas need six to eight hours of full sun to reach their potential. If you try to grow portulacas in a shady area, they will pout and close up their flowers. You will also notice the flowers close at night and on cloudy days.
Salvia. Salvia, or scarlet sage, is an annual flower best known for its spiky form and bright color that is dependable in any climate and adaptable to full sun or partial shade with equal ease. Salvia comes in brilliant red, creamy white, rose-colored, and purplish variants.
Snapdragon. Snapdragons are bushy plants with tall spikes of flower buds. Most are intensely colored and real standouts in the garden. The flowers come in just about every shade, except true blue. Some are vibrant bold tones, some are soft pastels and some are subtly shaded bi-colors. Caution: All parts of snapdragon are poisonous, if ingested.
Verbena- Verbena is a spreading plant ideal for cascading over retaining walls, pots, baskets, and window boxes. As log as the soil is extremely well drained, verbena will reward gardeners with countless clusters of small blooms all season. Sun. 9 to 18 inches tall depending on type. 12 to 20 inches wide depending on type.
Wave petunia. The most popular, award-winning series of Petunias ever grown, Wave Petunias have transformed American gardens with their super fast-growing, luxuriant, easy-care beauty. These spreading, trailing Petunias bloom like crazy and grow incredibly fast.
Zinnia- Zinnias are highly attractive to butterflies that you can count on having these fluttering guests dining in your garden every afternoon. But to attract the most, plant lots of tall, red or hot pink zinnias in a large patch. Sun. From 1 to 4 feet tall depending on type. 1 foot wide.
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