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Adagio Maiden Grass. Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio.' Compact clump-forming grass with slender silvery foliage that becomes orange, gold and burgundy in fall. Flowers emerge pink in summer, but change to a silvery white. This vigorous grower reaches a height of 4 feet. Sun. Zone 6 Hardy.
Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass. Panicum virgatum. Red Switch Grass. 'Cheyenne Sky.' Forms a dense, upright clump of blue-green leaves that begin to turn wine red in early summer. Purple flower panicles appear just above the foliage in late summer. This petite red grass is ideal for containers. 30 - 36 Inches. Sun. Hardy to zone 4.
Cosmopolitan. Miscanthus sinensis 'Cosmopolitan.' This selection has the reverse foliage color of 'Cabaret'. The wide, ribbon-like foliage has dark green centers and cream-white margins. Grows 4 to 6 feet high. Sun. Hardiness: Zone 6.
Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass. Pennisetum setaceum rubrum 'Fireworks.' An ornamental grass with narrow, arching leaves that have burgundy midveins and hot pink margins. Blooms are fuchsia. Grows to 24-30 inches tall with a spread of 24 inches. Sun. Not Hardy.
Heavy Metal Switch Grass. Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal.' This stiff upright plant features metallic blue foliage. Blooms are airy and attractive from summer through winter. This low maintenance native grass reaches a height of 3 to 5 feet. It makes an excellent accent for any border or mixed shrub bed. Sun. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
Japanese Silver Grass. Miscanthus sinensis 'Variegatus.' A creamy white variegated grass. Feathery seed heads contribute to the striking appearance of this grass. An excellent alternative to Pampas Grass. Sheared after first frost for overwintering. Partial Sun. Zone 5 - Hardy to -10 to -20(F).
Little Kitten Maiden Grass. Miscanthussinensis 'Little Kitten."  It's compact, bushy form is just right for those who want the drama of ornamental grasses in an intimate setting. Thin, silver-green wiry leaves are decorated in fall by an elegantly spare show of small, silvery plumes reaching 30 inches. Sun. Zone 5 - Hardy to -10 to -20(F).
Little Zebra Maiden Grass. Miscanthus sinensis 'Little Zebra.' Green and yellow banding on the foliage is held all season. Has the desirable trait of flowering during late summer so its lovely reddish purple plumes are borne reliably every year, even during seasons of cool weather. Grows to 3 to 4 feet. Sun. Zone 5 - Hardy to -10 to -20(F)
Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus - Maiden Grass. A tall, graceful, clumping ornamental grass to 10 feet. The slender, weeping leaves are silvery green and turn golden bronze in fall. The flowers are white fan-shaped plumes in fall that extend above the foliage. Sun. Zone 5 - Hardy to - 10 to -20(F).
Porcupine Grass. Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus.' Green leaves with cream colored horizontal bands make this ornamental grass stand out. Fast growing 6 feet to 8 feet. Silvery white plumes rise 4 feet above the foliage in fall. Use as a specimen or for mass plantings. Partial Sun. Zone 5 - Hardy to -10 to -20(F).
Purple Fountain Grass. Pennisetum setaceum atropurpurea. An ornamental grass with narrow graceful arching, purple leaves, growing 2 to 3 feet. Bristly seed heads extend above leaves. A perennial where roots are not subjected to freezing. Sun. Not hardy.
Shenandoah Switch Grass. Panicum virgatum 'Shenandoah.' Excellent selection of bright red switch grass, foliage and blooms begin to color up by early June. A good substitute for Japanese Blood Grass. Average height of 2 to 3 feet. Sun. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
Adagio Maiden Grass
Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass
Cosmopolitan Maiden Grass
Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass
Heavy Metal Switch Grass
Japanese Silver Grass
Little Kitten Maiden Grass
Little Zebra Maiden Grass
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Shenandoah Switch Grass
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