Proven Winner Hanging Baskets. Nessralla's Farm of Marshfield. 781-834-2833

All of our outstanding hanging baskets are grown from Proven Winners® plants. We bring them in fresh from our growers and lovingly plant them in our greenhouses while the last snow of the season lingers just outside.

The temperatures remain in the 80's with high humidity and the plants just come to life. Bacopa, Calibracoa, Geranium, Lantana, Lobelia, Lobularia, Osteospurmum, Superbena® Supertunia®, Scaveola, Sutera, Torenia, and more grow rapidly with frequent watering and fertilizing.
A well balanced soilless mix gives them plenty of room to put down deep roots. It's just a matter of weeks before these beauties will be ready to go home with you and spread their joy in your favorite places in the landscape.
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We grow our own geranium and ivy geranium hanging baskets!
When you come in, ask for a tour. We'll show you where all the magic happens!
1200 Ocean St. Marshfield, MA
(781) 834-2833