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Basil- Basil is great for cooking, such as in tomato sauce, pesto, or vinegars. But it can also be sprinkled over salads and sliced tomatoes, either whole or torn for the most flavor. To make oil for salads, pound the fresh leaves and mix with a good salad or vegetable oil. If freezing the leaves, coat them with olive oil first. Leaves can also be dried and stored in salt.
Chives- The leaves of Chives are used in all kinds of sauces and salads to lend a delicate onion flavor. Flat-leaved garlic chives combine the flavor of onion and garlic. Chives can be featured in all sorts of recipes, from baked potatoes to soups, salads, sauces and omelets. They're frequently mixed with cream cheese to make a savory spread. Chive butter, a compound butter made by blending chopped fresh chives into butter, is frequently served with grilled steaks or roasted poultry.
Lavender is an incredibly versatile herb for cooking. In today's upscale restaurants. The lavender flowers add a beautiful color to salads. Lavender can also be substituted for rosemary in many bread recipes.
Mint. Mint is an herb that can add flavor to a variety of dishes, both savory and sweet. It gives a clean, fresh taste to food and drinks and can also serve as a garnish. Mint leaves are essential in many alcohol-based drinks, like the mint julep. Chocolate liqueurs are also an excellent place to use a mint garnish or mint ice cubes. Chocolate and mint are natural partners too. Why not try all six varieties we sell? Now that's a minty fresh idea.
Oregano. Closely related to marjoram, of which it is the wild equivalent, oregano has a coarser, more robust flavor with a hint of thyme, and a warm aroma.Chop and use to top pizzas, or add to a Greek salad,
Parsley. Two types of parsley are popular with cooks: Italian flat leaf parsley and curly leaf parsley. Curly leaf parsley is the one mostly used as garnish, and flat leaf parsley is more often used in cooking. Flat leaf parsley has a higher amount of essential oils that give it more flavor.
Rosemary. Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb that has been used for cooking and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The warm, spicy scent of rosemary complements many types of dishes, including drinks and desserts. Learning to cook with rosemary should be a delight to the senses.
Thyme. Thyme is an ancient cooking herb that is used in recipes from many countries. Thyme is a low growing herb with tiny leaves. It is generally combined with the herbs rosemary, marjoram and sage in cooking. Thyme is used as a seasoning for meat, particularly poultry and pork, but it is also used to flavor some tomato-based sauces and sometimes even used to flavor cheese as it ages.
• Pest Perptuo
• Sandwich
• Stir Fry Thai
• That's Italian (sweet)

• Baked Potato (common)
• Stir Fry Garlic
• Hidcote Blue
• Munstead
• Appletini
• Chocolate
• Kentucky Colonel Spearmint
• Mojito Cocktail
• Twist of Peppermint
• Zesty Orange
• Mediterranean Greek
• Pizza Night
• Curled
• Flat
• Roasting (Salem)
• Shish Kebob (Barbeque)
• Cookin' Thyme (Little Cutie)
• Pizza Thyme
• Thyme for everything (Common)
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