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Nick with grand children.
Nick's brother, 92 year old Joseph wheeling flowers
Joseph watering geraniums.
Tom holding hanging impatiens.
Nicholas unloading ivy geraniums.
Nicholas in the pumpkin patch.
Lauren, Nicholas, and Cady at last year's Octoberfest.
Nicholas at the fairgrounds
Michelle, Nick and Denise on dad's birthday.
Joseph and Nick watering the shrubs.
Nick and Nicholas planting Proven Winners®
Nick applying vermiculite to seeds.
Kim, Julie, and Nick planting Proven Winners® hangers.
Nick & Nicholas planting Marigolds.
Kristina and Nick planting peppers.
Nick applying vermiculite.
Nick on the tractor spraying the fields.
Nick watering New Guinea impatiens.
Nick greeting the customers.
Nicholas in the Proven Winners® Semi.
Paul and Lauren watering.
Lauren watering
Paul, Lauren and Nicholas unloading pumpkins.
Lauren bringinging mums to the stand on golf cart.
Cady taking a break with theButterfly
Cady getting ready to plant geranium seedlings.
Cady finishing up Proven Winners®
Gabriella, Nicholas, Lauren and Cady.
Nicholas planting sunflowers.
Kristina unloading Marigolds.
92 year old Joseph, Kristina, Lauren and Nick planting peppers.
Thomas and Nicholas moving hanging geraniums.
Joshua Billy Thomas
Billy and Thomas
92 year old Joseph, Cady, Lauren and Nick
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