'Montego Melon'
'Stella De Oro'
'Georgia Peach'
'Palace Purple'
'Southern Comfort'
'August Moon'
'Brim Cup'
'Fire and Ice'
'Great Expectations'
'Gnus Flash'
'Rosalie Figge'
'Dilly Dilly'
'Silver Edge'
'Little Rocket'
'Gallery Blue'
'Gallery Pink'
'Gallery Red'
'Gallery Yellow'
'Creeping Mazus'
'Coral Reef'
'Grand Mum'
'Jacob Cline'
'Blue Dreams'
'Early Bird'
'Black-Eyed Susan'
'Pink Spotted Lady'
'Aruba Red™'
'Happy Returns'
'Jamaica Sunrise'
Genus G-N
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GOLDSTURM 'Black-Eyed Susan.'  Produces large dark golden-yellow flowers with black centers summer to fall. Multiplies rapidly. Does best in well-drained soil. Average height is 24 inches. Good for cut flowers. Sun. Zone 3 - Hardy to -30 to -40(F).
HELLEBORUS orientalis 'Pink Spotted Lady.'  Single colors grown from seed that are 90% true to color. All colors have upright habits, strong flower stems, and large flowers in March–May. 1–2' Z 4–9. Sun, part sun. Deer resistant, Great for cut flowers.
HEMEROCALLIS Aruba Red Daylily. HEMEROCALLIS Aruba Red™ Daylily. This strong growing, early blooming daylily blooms continuously throughout three seasons. The Aruba Red™ Daylily features big (4 inch), showy dark red blooms on a more compact plant.  This vigorous grower produces compact plants with grassy foliage, and double or triple the number of flower stalks and offsets each year.
HEMEROCALLIS 'Happy Returns' Daylily. This pale-yellow-flowered daylily distinguishes itself with its profuse bloom and compact size (only 16 inches tall), making it good for containers and borders. It is an early season bloomer with circular flowers that open in late afternoon and last through the night.
HEMEROCALLIS 'Jamaica Sunrise' Daylily. Extraordinary flowers of Jamaica Sunrise™ Daylily are an unusual, clear lavender-rose or light color with a contrasting lemon-yellow and chartreuse throat. Flowers have a darker burgundy or grape-maroon eye zone with a thin maroon-red halo toward the flower center.
HEMEROCALLIS 'Stella De Oro' Daylily. This bright yellow flowered daylily has a long blooming period, producing ruffled flowers over four or five months. Each flower opens for one day. It is a vigorous grower that may be the most widely grown daylily.
HEUCHERA 'Georgia Peach.' Coral Bells. Huge peach colored leaves with white overlay.The foliage changes from peach in spring to rose to rose-purple in fall through winter. Creamy white flowers.1–1.5' Z 4–8 Sun, part sun. Attracts birds and butterflies. Good for cut flowers.
HEUCHERA 'Palace Purple' Coral Bells. Low mounds of distinctive foliage topped by airy clusters of small, white flowers in late spring and summer. Mahogany red foliage all season. Prefers rich, well drained soil; must have good winter drainage. Partial Shade. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
HEUCHERA 'Southern Comfort' Coral Bells. Huge cinnamon peach leaves with creamy white flowers in late summer. Heat and humidity tolerant. 2' Z 4–8 Sun, Part Sun, Attracts Butterflies and Birds.
HOSTA 'August Moon.' Large size plant with rounded, golden leaves that stay attractive all summer. White flowers with a touch of lavender are attractive to hummingbirds. Moderately growing to 2 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide. Partial Shade. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
HOSTA 'Brim Cup.' A mounded shade plant with cupped, shiny, textured foliage that is medium to dark green with a creamy white leaf margin. Pale lavender blooms have no fragrance. Grows to 10-18 inches tall. Partial Shade. Zone 3 - Hardy to -30 to -40(F).
HOSTA 'elegans.' Large heart-shaped leaves are blue-gray and become corrugated as they mature. White flowers in July and August. Matures at a height of 1 to 3 feet and has a spread of 3 to 6 feet. This perennial plant is shade and drought tolerant. Use in a bed or border, or as a specimen plant or groundcover. Partial shade. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
HOSTA 'Fire and Ice.' An upright growing Hosta reaching to 18-24 inches tall. Foliage is dark green with white centers and lavender blooms in summer. Needs good morning sun or steady filtered shade to maintain its vigor. This plant is slug resistant and a moderate grower. Partial Shade. Zone 3 - Hardy to -30 to -40(F).
HOSTA' Great Expectations.' Expect great slug and sunburn resistance on this center-variegated, 'Elegans' type, mounding, shade-loving perennial. Slightly puckered, deep blue-green, oval leaves feature creamy yellow centers. Matures 29 inches tall. Partial Shade. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
HOSTA 'Guacamole.' An exciting, large mound of chartreuse-centered foliage, producing large fragrant flowers in mid-August into September. The plant grows to 24 inches high and up to 54 inches wide. Also excellent for containers due to its fast growth rate. Partial shade. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
HOSTA 'June.' This mutation of 'Halcyon' is unquestionably one of the most beautiful introductions in many years. Chartreuse center turns gold with blue edge that streaks into the center. Lavender flowers in August. Hosta of the year in 2001. Partial shade. Zone 4 - Hardy to -20 to -30(F).
IRIS germanica 'Gnus Flash.' You've never seen an iris like this before! Silvery-tan standards with deep grape streaks Deep grape falls with silvery-white streaks and tan beards. Blooms from late spring to early summer. Attractive growth habit.
'Rosalie Figg" Is a tall bearded Iris reaching heights of 36"-48." It requires full sun. Danger:
LAVANDULA angustifolia 'Hidcote.' Lavender. English. Deep purple flowers on compact plants that bloom from July–September. The most popular variety for the past 25 years! 1.5' Z 5–9 Sun. Deer resistant. Attracts butterflies.
LAVANDULA angustifolia 'Munstead.' English Lavender. Rich lavender flowers over compact foliage. Nice fragrance. Blooms from July–September. 1.5' Z 5–9  Sun. Deer resistant. Attracts butterflies.
LAVANDULA intermedia 'Dilly Dilly' Lavender’s Blue. Flower spikes rise high above the foliage, which makes it a great variety for drying. Compact silvery green foliage. Blooms late July–September. 1–2' Z 5–9. Sun. Deer resistant, Attracts butterflies.
LAVANDULA intermedia 'Provence.' Lavender -French. If you’re looking for the most fragrant variety of lavender for making fresh or dried bouquets, lavender wands, potpourri, or for culinary delights, ‘Provence’ is the best!  This selection of French lavender has long stems that are wonderful for cutting and produces narrow, lavender blue flower spikes that are often picked to make tea or lemonade, cookies and cakes, and other sweets.  Its fragrance is intense but sweet, not spicy.
LAVANDULA intermedia 'Silver Edge.' Variegated Lavender. Variegated foliage of silvery green with white edges. Spikes of lavender flowers. Interesting variegation when viewed in full sun. 2' Z 5–9.  Sun. Deer resistant, Attracts butterflies.
LIGULARIA stenocephala 'Little Rocket.' A more compact form of 'Rocket' with thicker foliage that does not flag in the sun or heat as easily. The flowers rise well above the foliage. Able to take more sun than others. 3–4' Z 4–8 Mostly shade to full shade. Deer resistant. Attracts butterflies.
LUPINUS Gallery Blue Lupine. 'Gallery Blue Shades' is a compact, bushy, herbaceous perennial with attractive, mid-green, palmate leaves. In summer, it bears densly-packed, upright racemes of pea-like flowers in shades of blue. 1.5–2' Z 3–7.  Sun, part sun. Attracts birds.
LUPINUS Gallery Pink Lupine. 'Gallery Pink' is a dwarf, clump-forming, herbaceous perennial with mid-green, palmate leaves and tall, upright, terminal racemes of pink flowers from spring until summer. 1.5–2' Z 3–7.  Sun, part sun. Attracts birds.
LUPINUS Gallery Red Lupine. 'Gallery Hybrid Red Lupine." Stalks of vibrant flowers. Blooms can reach up to 3 feet in length making for great cut-flowers. 1.5–2' Z 3–7.  Sun, part sun. Attracts birds.
LUPINUS Gallery Yellow Lupine. 'Gallery Yellow' Lupine is a stunning compact hybrid producing thick spikes of eye catching two-tone yellow & white flowers-a tremendous visual impact massed in garden, border plantings or containers. Features bold spikes of yellow pea-like flowers with white overtones rising above foliage from late spring to early summer. Flowers are excellent for cutting. It's palmate leaves remain emerald green in color throughout the season. The fruit is not ornamentally significant.
MAZUS reptans. Creeping Mazus. Prostrate plant with blue flowers and a tiny yellow throat. A quickly spreading groundcover or rock garden plant that blooms in May–July. Evergreen. 2'' Z 4–9. Mostly shade to full shade. Attracts birds.
MONARDA 'Coral Reef'  Bee Balm. Almost fluorescent coral to salmon pink blooms beginning in July. The foliage is disease resistant. 2–5' Z 4–9. Sun, part sun. Attracts butterflies and birds. Good for cut flowers.
MONARDA 'Grand Mum.'  Forms medium sized clumps of aromatic dark green foliage. Light pink-mauve flowers are very full and resemble Mum flowers. Very disease resistant. Blooms mid summer.
MONARDA 'Jacob Cline.'  This variety is what all others are compared to for powdery mildew resistance. Smooth (not fuzzy) leaves are most likely the reason for this. Big red flowers on tall stems in June–August. 4–6' Z 4–9. Part sun. Attracts butterflies and birds. Good for cut flowers.
NEPETA 'Blue Dreams' Catmint. Large flowers of bright blue with a hairy blue lip. Medium sized plants that fill in nicely with large green foliage. Blooms June–July and again in September if cut back. 2' Z 4–9.
NEPETA 'Early Bird.' Catmint. Gray-green , aromatic foliage with violet –rose blooms. Long bloom time on compact , well branched plants. Very low maintenance for this reliable sun-loving Catmint. 1’ Z 3-8 Sun, Deer Resistant. Attracts butterflies.
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