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Blanc Double De Coubert Landscape Rose.  Clear White rugosa. Bushy medium-tall plant. Blooms throughout the summer and into fall. Wrinkled, dark green foliage. Sweet fragrance. Zones 4 - 9.
Cinco De Mayo Rose. An indescribable blend of smoky lavender and rusty Red-Orange. Glossy green foliage. Moderate fragrance. Zone 6.
Double Knockout® Rose From the same cross that produced the original Knock Out, The Double Knock Out Rose represents the next generation in the family of The Knock Out Roses. The full double flowers look just like a classic rose. Drought tolerant. Repeat bloomer. Disease resistant. Dark green foliage.
Grande Dame Hybrid Tea. Gorgeous Double rose-pink blossoms display a hint of blue tones. It has natural vigor, abundant flowers and exceptional disease resistance. Old rose fragrance. Deep green foliage. Best size flower in cooler conditions.
Hansa. Purplish-Red Hybrid Rugosa. Large, double very fragrant flowers. Vigorous. Medium green foliage. Blooms May to frost. Zones 3 - 8.
Helmut Schmidt Hybrid Tea Rose. Yellow flowers. Large grey-green leaves. Well formed long lasting flowers. Fragrant. Zone 4.
Home Run by Proven Winners®  Flame red single blooms. Bloom period from late spring to frost. Glossy green foliage. Disease resistance against not only black spot but powdery and downy mildew. Hardy.
John F. Kennedy Hybrid Tea Rose. Large double, high centered white flowers. Fragrant. Leathery foliage. Vigorous. Profuse blooming. Hardy.
Julia Child Rose. Butter/Yellow Gold flowers. Glossy green foliage. Very fragrant. Bushy. Disease resistant. Hardy.
Livin Easy Rose. 1996 AARS Winner. All you have to do is just stick it in the ground, give it a little water, kick back and watch it grow. Height, medium rounded. Moderate, fruity fragrance.
Love and Peace Hybrid Tea. Soft yellow flowers blushing to pink. Glossy green foliage. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Medium height. Mild fragrance.
Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose. Dark, velvety red flowers. Full double form. Vigorous. Dark green, leathery, matte foliage. Very disease resistant. Strong damask fragrance. Hardy. Zones 5 - 10.
Moje Hammarberg. Pink-Magenta blooms. Very disease resistant. Lush glossy foliage. Very fragrant. Salt tolerant. Hardy.
Molineux by David Austin. Rich yellow double full blooms. Medium shrub. Medium Tea fragrance. Particularly free flowering and reliable. Hardy.
New Dawn Climbing Rose. Pale pink. Large. Sweet fruit fragrance. Dark leathery leaves. Very vigorous. Very low maintenance plant. Very healthy. Zones 5 -10.
Peace Hybrid Tea Rose. Golden yellow with rose-pink edging. dark glossy foliage. Sweet fragrance. Zones 4 - 9.
Pink Double Knock Out® Rose. Bright bubble gum pink flowers. Blooms from first spring to first frost. Superior drought tolerance once established. Black spot resistant. Dark green foliage. Repeat bloomer. Hardy.
Pink Home Run by Proven Winners®. Pink blossoms. Medium height. Rounded and bushy. Medium single flowers, in s  Donemall clusters. Slight fragrance.
Purple Pavement Landscape Rose. Purple-red, ruffled blossoms. Strong fragrance. The foliage turns from green to shades of yellow and maroon. Very disease tolerant. Zone 3.
Rosa Rugosa Alba Landscape Rose. White, large single flowers. Very fragrant. Very hardy. Good seaside plant. Dark green glossy foliage.
Rosa Rugosa Landscape Rose. Pink large single flowers. Very fragrant. Very hardy. Good seaside plant. Dark green foliage. Hardy.
Sunny Knock Out® Rose. Cheerful yellow buds burst into abundant, fragrant, creamy-white blossoms all season long. Good disease tolerance. Vigorous. Zones 5 - 9.
Teasing Georgia by David Austin. Yellow rose of delicate beauty. Double/ full cupped flowers. Pleasant medium- strong Tea rose fragrance. Good disease resistance and repeat flowering. Short climber. Hardy.
Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Large, Fragrant. Bright crimson red color. The growth is robust, bushy and spreading. Dark green foliage. Tall shrub. Short climber. Hardy.
The Blushing Knock Out Rose®. Shell Pink flowers. Blooms profusely from early summer through late fall. Drought tolerant. Disease resistant. Hardy. Zones 4 - 9. Dark green foliage. Low to medium height. Light fragrance.
The Mayflower by David Austin. Medium shrub. Typically Old Rose flowers of deep pink. Bushy. Small matt green foliage. Strong old rose fragrance. Very hardy.
The Rainbow Knock Out® Rose. Radcor by Conard-Pyle. Lovely pink blooms that change color as they mature. Flower colors vary from coral, gold, multi-color, orange and pink. Very disease resistant with almost complete resistance to blackspot, mildew, and rust. Blooms repeatedly from spring through fall in most climates. Dark green foliage. Hardy.
Therese Bugnet Landscape Rose. Lilac pink rugosa hybrid. Moderate fragrance. Very hardy. Dark green foliage.
Topaz Jewel Landscape Rose. Butter cream yellow rugosa. Free flowering. Moderate fragrance. Hardy.
Touch of Class Hybrid Tea Rose. Warm pink shaded with coral cream color flowers. Classic flower form. Vigorous bush. Abundant bloom. Light fragrance Dark foliage. Hardy.
White Dawn Climbing Rose. White large-flowered. Very vigorous. Double gardenia form. Very fragrant. Glossy green leaves. Disease resistant. Zones 6- 9.
Winchester Cathedral by David Austin. Medium Shrub. A profusion of white flowers elegantly deployed on a bushy shrub that continues to flourish at regular intervals throughout the summer. Very resistant.
Blanc Double De Coubert
Cinco De Mayo
Double Knockout®
Grande Dame
Helmut Schmidt
Julia Child
Home Run
John F. Kennedy
Livin Easy
Love and Peace
Mister Lincoln
New Dawn
Moje Hammarberg
Pink Home Run
Pink Double Knockout®
Purple Pavement
Rosa Rugosa Alba
Rosa Rugosa
Sunny Knockout®
Teasing Georgia
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
The Blushing Knockout®
The Mayflower
Touch of Class
Topaz Jewel
Therese Bugnet
The Rainbow Knockout®
White Dawn
Winchester Cathedral
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