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Long Slim Red Cayenne pepper. Long Slim Red Cayenne is one of the best known hot chili peppers. It is a good long hot chilli that always performs well and dries nicely. It produces an abundance of very wrinkled fruits that grow 12 to 15cm (5 to 6in) long, The fruits have thin flesh and are used fresh in hot sauces or dried and ground for cayenne pepper.
Hungarian hot pepper. A variety of yellow chiles usually harvested at 4 to 6 inches long. Often mistaken for the banana chile, the Yellow Hot or Yellow Wax pepper has a hotter flavor and is a larger size. Also known as a Hungarian Wax pepper or chile, this pepper may have  a hot flavor, but generally ranges from medium to hot. It is rated at 3,500–8,000 Scoville heat units.
Jalapeño pepper. The jalapeño or jalapeno is a medium-sized chili pepper. A mature jalapeño fruit is 2–3½ inches long and is commonly picked and consumed while still green, but occasionally it is allowed to fully ripen and turn crimson red. It is rated at 3,500–8,000 Scoville heat units.
Lady Bell Sweet pepper. Plant produces good yields of sweet bell peppers. Peppers are very sweet, have thick walls, and turn from green to bright red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Excellent for salads and stuffing. It is one of the most dependable producers of sweet peppers on the market, even in cooler climates. Suitable for the Northeastern states. Disease Resistant.
Redskin pepper. The perfect pepper for container gardening. These compact plants are loaded with peppers and are one of the earliest peppers in our trials to turn red. The cascading habit makes this hybrid ideal for growing in pots or hanging baskets. Great for gardeners with limited space. Perfect for containers.
Sweet Banana pepper. Heirloom.. An All-America Selections Bronze Medal winner for 1941 and still extremely popular. Even after more than 70 years this is still an extremely popular pepper. Large, pointed fruits measure 6-7" long and 1½" across. The mild yellow peppers ultimately turn brilliant red. A favorite for pickling.
Butternut squash. Delicious, prolific and easy to grow. These are wonderful vegetables, with solid orange flesh, that can be roasted in the oven or cooked and mashed with potato.
Koosa squash. This is a large summer squash - similar to a large zucchini, or yellow squash, often used in Lebanese recipes
Yellow Straightneck squash. Yellow Straight-Neck squash is a glossy variety that may be a light, butter yellow to a bright, lemon yellow in color. Closely resembling the Yellow Crookneck, this squash has a tapering cylinder shape and does not have a curved neck. The skin may be pebbled, like the crookneck, or smooth, with a paler yellow or white flesh.
Zucchini squash. Zucchini are so versatile. They hold up to number of cooking methods: Sautéing, roasting, grilling, baking, steaming, etc. And they work with a number of different flavors, from Italian to Indian. A perennial favorite!
Beefsteak tomato. A beefsteak tomato is any of the largest varieties of cultivated tomatoes, some weighing 1 pound or more.
Big Boy tomato. Burpee’s Big Boy is a long-time best seller with firm, smooth, red fruit, great flavor and excellent quality. Introduced in 1949, its incredible productivity and gorgeous, large (8- to 9-oz/226- to 255-g) scarlet fruit made it an instant hit. Foodies know Big Boy for its sweet, aromatic, melt-in-your-mouth juiciness. These tomatoes need at least one inch of water per week and prefer 6 hours or more of direct sun each day.
Celebrity tomato. This All-America Selections Winner produces huge yields of exceptionally flavorful fruit all season long. Celebrity is perfect for first-time gardeners, producing large tomatoes you can use sliced on sandwiches and burgers, in sauces and even as an ingredient in many salsas. These tomatoes need at least one inch (2.5 cm) of water per week and prefer six hours or more of direct sun each day.
Early Girl tomato. Early Girl produces bright red, meaty tomatoes with incredible flavor and aroma earlier than other varieties. Its globe-shaped fruit is perfect for slicing on sandwiches and for salads. These tomatoes need at least one inch (2.5 cm) of water per week and prefer six hours or more of direct sun each day.
Jet Star tomato. Home gardeners will enjoy large, attractive, globe-shaped tomatoes with very few scars or cracks. This popular and versatile slicer is delicious on sandwiches and in salads...great for canning  too.
Little Sun Yellow tomato. Tomato Little Sun is a compact yellow dwarf tomato plant that produces a strong upright plant around 10-12 inches high. The juicy yellow fruits have a full flavor and crop over a long harvest period. The fruits of Little Sun are a bright yellow color and form mainly on the outside of the leaf canopy so they are easily visible. They are easy to pick and mature throughout the summer period over a long period.
Mortgage Lifter tomato. Large, smooth, 1-lb. pink fruit have a delicious, rich, sweet taste. This variety has become very popular in recent years, after being developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia. After crossing varieties for  6 years and selecting the best, he introduced this beauty that he named Mortgage Lifter in the 1940’s after he sold plants for $1 each and paid off the $6,000 mortgage on his house.
Red Brandywine tomato. Brandywine Red is one of the most popular and best-tasting heirloom tomatoes...and now it's part of the Burpee Home Gardens lineup of vegetables! The very vigorous plants bear large-lobed, beefsteak-shaped fruit that are perfect for slicing. The thin-skinned, pinkish-red tomatoes are flavorful but not acidic.
Red Grape tomato. This variety is modern and currently very popular in the fresh produce market. The fruits are bright red, weigh about an ounce, and are smaller than most cherry tomatoes (½ by ¾ inches). Since they are mouth-sized they are perfect for salads and garnish plates. Twelve to sixteen fruits per cluster.
Roma tomato. Roma tomato or Roma was developed by Agricultural Research Service in the 1950s as a fusarium wilt-resistant cultivar. Roma is a plum tomato that is commonly found in supermarkets. The tomato is a meaty, egg- or pear-shaped tomato that is available in red and yellow.
San Marzano tomato. San Marzano tomatoes, a variety of plum tomatoes, are considered by many chefs to be the best paste tomatoes in the world. Compared to the Roma tomato, Marzano tomatoes are thinner and more pointed. The flesh is much thicker with fewer seeds, and the taste is stronger, sweeter and less acidic. Many people describe the taste as bittersweet.
Sun Sugar  tomato. A medium-sized, orange ripening cherry tomato, sought after for its intense sweet flavor. The fruits grow to a bit under an inch wide, with a thin skin that is very crack resistant. Sun Sugar plants fruit in huge quantities, with a single plant often bearing hundreds of fruits in a single season.
Sungold tomato. One of the premier varieties of cherry tomatoes. The Sun Gold ripens to a golden orange, with a very sweet flavor. This tomato is popular in all climates as it produces in warm and cold conditions. Fruit matures quickly, and crops heavily throughout the warmer months.
Super Sweet 100 tomato. The Super Sweet 100 tomato cultivar is a hybrid that produces long fruit-bearing stems holding 100 or more very sweet cherry tomatoes. Fruits weigh approximately 1 oz., and are 1 inch across. Plants need caging or staking, and produce fruit throughout the growing season.
Bush Beans
Pole Beans
Marketmore Cucumber
Pickling Cucumber
Epic Eggplant
Cayenne Long Slim Pepper
Sweet Banana Pepper
Hungarian Hot Pepper
Jalapeño Pepper
Lady Bell Sweet Pepper
Redskin Pepper
Butternut Squash
Koosa Squash
Yellow Straightneck Squash
Zucchini Squash
Beefsteak Tomato
Big Boy Tomato
Celebrity Tomato
Early Girl Tomato
Jet Star Tomato
Little Sun Yellow Tomato
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Red Brandywine Tomato
Red Grape Tomato
Roma Tomato
San Marzano Tomato
Sun Sugar Tomato
Supersweet 100 Tomato
Sungold Tomato
Bush beans. Bush Beans stand erect without support. They yield well and require the least amount of work. Green bush beans were formerly called "string beans" because fiber developed along the seams of the pods. Plant breeders have reduced these fibers through selection and green beans are now referred to as "snap beans."
Pole beans. Pole beans reward the home gardener with excellent bean plants that yield all summer long with only the slightest effort of building a trellis or setting up a row of poles.
Marketmore cucumber. Marketmore cucumbers are known as slicing cucumbers. They grow straight and have smooth, dark green skin. Handling them, you’ll feel a few cucumber “spines” but there are not many and they easily rub off. These cucumbers grow between 8 to 9 inches long.
Pickling cucumber. Certain varieties of cucumbers have been bred specifically for use in pickling. By using these varieties, the home pickling enthusiast will end up with a crisper and more flavorful result. Pickling cucumbers typically have thinner skins than the salad type, allowing for the vinegar brine, or other pickling solution to better penetrate the skin and flavor the meat. They are short and squat, instead of long and lean.
Epic hybrid grafted eggplant. Formerly known as Dusky Purple, these black oval fruits can be picked at 3 to 5" for mini-eggplants or harvested when mature at 8 to 10" long. Perfect for roasting or grilling. Can be grown in containers.
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